03 Andrii Igor EN

Andrii – Równe, Ukraine

In 2018 as one of the first Ukrainians i decided to participate in HoopLife Basketball Camps in Lublin. Since the begining of my journey with basketball i always dreamed of to try myslef in USA. I received huge chance from HoopLife to continue my education in one of the Californian High Schools. Now i am just working hard while trying to move to the next level, to NCAA

Igor – Odessa, Ukraine

I learned about HoopLife from my friends. in August 2018 i came to my first camp called HoopLife Skills Camp in Cmolas, Poland. I was dreaming of going to United States back then already. In 2019 after participating in HoopLifeCamps i received the offer to become student-athlete in one of the schools in California. My life suddenly changed. In one year i became totally new person and a player. I learned new basketball skils and gained a lot of self-confidence.


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