05 Tweety EN

Tweety Carter – LaPlace, Louisiana, USA

I met Aleks (HoopLife CEO) back in the high schools years. The determination he had on a basketball court transformed into the determined coach and basketball scout he became.
I had a chance through recent year in Lublin to scout opponents with him. It helped me be more prepared and ready for games and battles I had to go through on basketball court.
His professionalism and dedication to the game of basketball makes HoopLife organization high level

Mikołaj Ratajczak – Inowrocław, Polska

Hello everybody, its Mikołaj Ratajczak from Polski Cukier Toruń team. Few years back i was participating in HoopLife Basketball Camp in Lublin. I would like to reccomend this camp to everybody. HoopLife Camp allows players to gain new basketball knowledge everyday.  By working hard You can master old skills as well as learn new ones. Cheers!

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