In order to apply for the scholarship in the USA by the potential student/athlete, our scouts has to discover potential in him.

High schools and higher educational institutions like universities and colleges/junior colleges offers 3 different scholarships:

athletic scholarship
academic scholarship
athletic and academic scholarship combined (the most common scholarship available)
Basketball players with higher skills have higher chances of receiving higher amount of financial aid and scholarship funds of athletic scholarship. In order to receive full 100% from american private high school, the player has to be super talented and very skilled on the world scale. He would have to stand out on the highest possible stage (FIBA World Championships or  FIBA Continental Championships). The players that have not had potential and skills of top and world class players still have a high chance of receiving financial aid and scholarships from american high schools. Best way to check how much of the financial aid the student is able to receive from given schools is to apply for a scholarship below or sign up for our summer camps. While learning details about a player we can start to estimate/check/predict how much of the financial aid a given player/student/athlete can receive. The potentially interested schools will be looking at 4 different criterias:
athletic and basketball skills ability
GPA (School Grades)
english speaking and understanding abilities
financial ability of the family
The most important aspect of applying for the scholarship will be a video that shows basketball and athletic ability. Best would be highlight tape of best plays of the given player and his full game film that shows how well he understands basketball and what type of the player he is. The school grades and english skills will matter besides players athletic ability.



By having bad school grades student/player chances of getting scholarships are smaller. Simply because good academic schools will not accept foreign exchange students. Fortunate thing is that there are schools that will allow students to make up their grades and give students/athletes another shot at becoming outstanding students. Being a good student is a requirement to receive a scholarship from US University or College. In order to be accepted by University or College, a student/athlete has to have the highest possible GPA (Great Point Average) from the last 4 years of high school and receive the highest possible score on the SAT exam. Higher the GPA, lower the score is needed to be accepted by higher educational institutions. This is why potential 15-16 years olds have more time before they graduate to make up their school grades. It is very hard to accomplish the goal of going to university/college in the USA with 18-20 year old students/athletes that had bad grades. It is not impossible but the SAT exam score would have to be very high if their GPA is very low.
Fortunately for those students/athletes there is possibility to enter junior college as long as they received a diploma from high school and (in most schools) received satisfactory grades on the TOEFL exam. Junior College is the 2 year college that allows students/athletes to make a transition to a university/college for the last two or 3 years of their college journey.
Students/athletes that were attending at least 2 years / 4 semesters in United States high schools do not require a Toefl exam in order to be accepted to university/college/junior college.


By having poor ability to speak and write in english lowering the amount of school being able to accept a student. The age of the student will make a difference. Higher the age of the student with poor english lower the chances. Obviously english can be learned in the matter of a few months if a student will spend a lot of time working on it. Schools more often invest in younger students knowing that they will have more time to overcome the language barrier and they will be able to better prepare themselves for possible SAT exams.
Having poor english skills does not exclude the possibility of receiving the scholarship in the USA, but surely makes it harder.

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